115 Cua Dai Street, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An 510000

Visited 2 April 2016, Vietnamese Therapy by Linh

One of the most relaxing and wonderful massages that I have ever had! Very respectful and extremely peaceful atmosphere. I felt born again!!! I will definitely recommend highly to others!!! THANK-YOU

Visited 9 September 2016, Vietnamese Therapy by Vi

This was the best spa treatment I've ever received. Everyone was so thoughtful and full of care. I feel pampered, relaxed, and rejuvenated. I couldn't be happier with this service!

Visited 1 April 2016, Head-Neck-Shoulder and Pedicure by Ly

I have enjoyed many massages over the years and so have enough experience to recognise (& enjoy) excellent technique and care. Wonderful!

Visited 6 May 2016, Vietnamese Therapy by Vu

A thoroughly enjoyable massage - relaxing but therapeutic and invigorating. Exactly the right amount of pressure give by a very sweet and attentive therapist. Top marks!

Visited 25 March 2016, Reflexology by Hai

My eyes were in the dark, the song brought me the peace, and my foot went to the sky. Personnel was nice and listen to our needs. It was my first reflexology massage and what a amazing massage. Tx!

Visited 25 February 2016, Vietnamese Therapy by Thuong

Very careful and takes time for the treatment - feels like a King.

Visited 16 May 2016, Vietnamese Therapy by Phuong

I haven't had such a great massage like that in my life. It was life changing. Thanks Phuong


Visited 5 May 2016, Yin-Yang Treatment by Ly and Vu

This massage took me to another place. It was a truly wonderful spiritual experience; very professional and welcoming. Would like to come back.

Sue Southey
Jacqueline DunnYogi, Wellness Coach